Bruce Workman has been a master jeweler for 35 years. Throughout his career, he’s been fabricating and designing the highest quality jewelry. From body jewelry to watch fabrication, he’s done it all. For many years Bruce designed jewelry in Florida and Hawaii under the name “Bman.”


These days, Bman is back at his bench with his newest creation – a pickleball paddle pendant, which is now on the market in 10K gold and silver. His design is 44 millimeters tall and 17 millimeters wide and is set with stones to resemble a pickleball ball. “It can be as customized as you want,” Workman said. “You have the whole back of the paddle to work with, so it can be personalized with tournament names, dates, etc. I told myself I knew I could build that pickleball paddle, and it couldn’t be any harder than making surfboard and snowboard pendants,” he added, noting that his wife is a regular player at the local YMCA.


Recently, Bman designed a custom surfboard pendant for first-ever Olympic surfing gold medalist Carissa Moore, and then as his wife’s love of pickleball grew he expanded to these beautifully crafted pickleball paddles and turned his craft towards this growing sport. An avid swimmer and surfer, Bman’s passions will continue to inspire his artwork and personal motto – keep believing in your art and great things will come to you.